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meet the stylists

the shop privy team


Erin, Shop Privy, Owner, Stylist


As the founder of Shop Privy,Erin is passionate about sharing her love of fashion and affordable clothing with other women!

With over a decade of retail experience behind her, Erin has seen first hand how the landscape of the retail industry is changing. More so than ever before, people are valuing experiences over physical goods, and that’s why Erin is on a mission to give women a personalized shopping experience that’s fun, affordable, and stress free!

When she's not knee deep in clothes, Erin can usually be found doing some sort of outdoor activity with her husband and two awesome kiddos! Her hobbies include reading, traveling, binge watching Netflix, and let's just be honest.. SHOPPING.

Tanya, Shop Privy Stylist

As a stylist for Shop Privy, Tanya's mission is to empower women of all shapes and sizes

by helping them put together outfits that give them a sense of confidence and beauty. Tanya focuses on helping women develop their personal style based on their individual personality and lifestyle. She has been working as a wardrobe stylist for the last few years but her girlfriends have been coming to her long before that for help with what to wear for special occasions, how to style an outfit, how to pack for a vacation, how to build a capsule wardrobe, etc. Tanya offers personal styling appointments in addition to personalized shopping experiences with groups of women.

When she's not gushing over fashion, Tanya enjoys time with her husband and 3 busy children and her handsome black lab, Winston. She also loves traveling, exercising and reading.


Megan, Stylist, Shop Privy

Megan has been surrounded by retail and fashion her whole life.

From blogging about it in college, to working in boutiques, and finally starting her own career in the industry- it’s always been a passion of hers. After leaving her job to stay home with her baby boy, she jumped at the chance to join Erin and the Shop Privy team. Whether you're a career woman, a stay at home mom, or a working mom- we know finding the time to do things for yourself can be HARD. This is why Megan is passionate about making shopping fun, affordable, and most importantly easy for every type of woman.

With her family living just blocks away, Megan can usually be found having play dates with her sisters, exploring every restaurant Milwaukee has to offer, binge watching shows with her hubby, or dropping by her parents unannounced!

Sarah, Stylist, Shop Privy

Sarah recently changed jobs to work as a part-time CPA in order to spend more time with her young children.

With her new found time, she also decided to start a blog as a creative outlet for her love of fashion and styling. She attended a Shop Privy event and fell in love with the concept - shopping with friends in the comfort of your own homes with affordably priced clothing?! Sold. When she saw that Shop Privy was looking for new stylists, she knew this was the perfect opportunity to expand on her passion. Sarah loves to create outfits no matter the occasion - travel, work, day-to-day life, and special occasion. She also loves to style one piece several ways in order to optimize the return on each piece of clothing!

When Sarah is not shopping or crunching numbers, she is spending time with her husband, daughter, and son, running, cooking, and watching Friends and Gossip Girl (the fashion!) on repeat.


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